Terms and conditions

1. To use this matchmaking service, you need to register on the website www.pavitrasangam.in. You have to go through the terms of use and follow all the instructions of the registration process.

2. You should be a minimum of 18 years of age if you are a female and 21 years of age if you are a male to use this service.

3. You have to confirm that you are using the service only to find a life partner and not for casual dating. You have the responsibility of keeping your login credentials confidential and reporting any unauthorized use of your account.

4. You can terminate your subscription to this service as per your will. The unutilized subscription fee will not be refunded to you.

5. This site cannot be used for any kind of commercial purposes. It can only be used to advertise profiles for accepting matches.

6. The website will take appropriate actions against persons violating these terms and conditions and misusing the site for a purpose other than mentioned.

7. Any kind of obscene or unwanted advertisement will be regulated and removed.

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